The Daily Grind: What’s your biggest pet peeve about MMORPG comment sections?


Say farewell to Livefyre, folks: Later this week, Massively OP will be migrating to a new comment system. It’s not entirely of our own choice, as Livefyre is shutting down whether we like it or not, but I doubt I’m alone in not being all that sorry to see the back of it, even though it means a whole lot of extra work for us and upheaval for you.

We’ll be filling you all in on the details as we near the launch — like how you’ll get accounts, what’ll happen to old comments and badges, and whether you’ll still be able to upvote Schlag’s memes (of course you will!) — but for now, we wanted to poll you all on what you’d like to see, and more importantly, what you really do not want to see in an MMORPG comment section.

I’m not promising anything here because not all things are feasible or desirable, but as our tech engineer wizard finishes up his breaking testing and gets ready to deploy, I’m still sneaking in feature requests (yeah, he hates me). Personally, I’m a huge fan of “likes” rather than downvotes for positive reinforcement of smart comments, but I’m also looking forward to much better spam control (those of you who saw the spam assault this weekend will understand why!).

So what’s your biggest pet peeve about MMORPG comment sections?

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