A Virginia gamer was shot and killed playing Pokemon Go last week


According to Chesapeake, Virginia, news, a 60-year-old resident was shot and killed by a security guard while playing Pokemon Go last week.

The victim, Jiansheng Chen, who reportedly played the game to bond with his grandchildren, spoke limited English, which may have contributed to what police investigators have characterized as a confrontation. His family owned a home in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. The family attorney says he was likely training at a gym in his Virginian neighborhood.

The community association for the neighborhood says security guard patrols are contracted to be “unarmed,” not armed. Police confirmed the case is currently under investigation.

As a reminder, please stay safe when playing the game. Real world death is a thing with this game, and not just in America. Muggings happen, even to streamers. It’s especially difficult for some minorities to play. Stay safe, don’t enter dangerous areas, and despite design issues, try not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. Your life is more important than the game.

Source: WTKR 3 News
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I think this article should be about gun violence as much as about pogo. It’s inconceivable how an elderly man sitting in a vehicle, playing on his phone and speaks no English, can be in a “confrontation” with the security guard and justifies the security guard shoots him thru the windshield. Totally fking senseless.

Pedge Jameson

Think maybe this game needs to go on hiatus until the wacky-asses stop thinking their “hot fuzz”. This is seriously messed up and the guy needs to do hard time.