ARK: Survival Evolved adds high technology with its newest patch

So... Dino Riders, right? Other people remember that?

What’s better than dinosaurs? Dinosaurs with laser beams on their [REDACTED] heads. The latest update to Ark: Survival Evolved is delivering just that with its new tier of Tek upgrades. Yes, that might not be the right spelling, but you know what happens to people refuse to build high-tech laser armor for dinosaurs based on spelling errors? They get blown the [REDACTED] up by people with [REDACTED] laser dinosaurs.

Of course, there’s more to the update than just technology that can only be described with repeated use of the word [REDACTED]. There’s also the new hair styling and coloring system, new critters to tame and ride, and the new jousting system to let you knock people off of their mounts with a lance. Assuming, of course, that you don’t just shoot a [REDACTED] laser beam right through the mount. Let’s see a pointy spear contend with that [REDACTED] in the trailer just below.