Watch eight glorious minutes of developers playing Sea of Thieves


We have certainly heard the Sea of Thieves development team yammer on and on about many of the game’s features (some great and some quite minute), but it is another thing entirely to watch the devs jump into the boots (or peg leg) of a pirate and just play the dang game.

For eight wonderful, majestic, and somewhat crazy minutes, you can watch the developers team up for a treasure hunt across the high seas. As the video cuts between the devs, you get a sense of how a team communicates and works together to sail a ship and attempt to wrench booty from the hooks of rival buccaneers.

Check it out after the break!

Source: YouTube

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Lookin good.

Kickstarter Donor

Wow! Looks like fun. Now I just need to get 6 other friends to play with me?