Star Citizen introduces new community video and fan-produced short film ‘The Shuttle’


Star Citizen is upping its community game. If you hadn’t noticed or were used to the old Around the Verse schedule, know CIG has been pumping out a ton of videos and new features in the last couple of weeks. One of those is the brand-new Citizens of the Stars, this week hosted by Community Manager Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby and focusing on community members themselves.

The episode includes multiple “citizen spotlights” of fan content being produced around the game’s, including a player who designed a language chart for the game, a player who used Google SketchUp to model the bridge of ship, and a player who created a short fan film called The Shuttle. But the highlight is the middle section, in which CIG’s Ben Lesnick sits for a rapid-fire, two-minute Q&A, answering basic questions on game insurance, buy-back tokens, Duck Tales, and the infamous “Ben dance.” He’s a good sport.

Check out the episode — and The Shuttle — below.

Source: YouTube

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Video looked pretty cool.