Airship-themed MOBA Cloud Pirates enters early access February 9


Arrrr, skymateys: Cloud Pirates is floating into early access on February 9 following a stress test two days before.

The game is an online MOBA/shooter hybrid in which players soar through the skies in Allods Online-inspired dirigibles and shoot the crap out of each other with cannon. The game will be playable through Steam’s early access program beginning on February 9th, though of course you can pick up a founder’s pack to play early.

Update 1.1, Gold Rush, “enables pirates to gain a head start that will allow players to loot special resources,” says “Players can form brotherhoods, the clans of the game, to loot or defend special aerial convoys and be rewarded in valuable “meteor ore.” Future updates will allow brotherhoods to build incredibly useful sky fortresses. These fortresses will play a pivotal role in Cloud Pirates high stakes action.

Check out the new trailer below!

Source: Press release, official site

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CloakingDonkey .

o0 Are they promoting themselves as a MOBA now?

Cause it’s not really a MOBA at all… unless World of Tanks is a MOBA…

Patreon Donor

it’s that weird faction of people that call all these arena games moba now. same people that decided landmark’s combat was moba style.

i think it’s more or less a repeat of 10 or so years ago when all these same style of games were being billed as mmorpg’s. XD