Age of Sail MMO Caribbean Conquest has returned to Kickstarter


Not quite a year ago, we did a brief piece on Caribbean Conquest, a sailing MMORPG that launched and then canceled a small Kickstarter. Indeed, last year the website went dead, and we have been carting around a linkless Caribbean Conquest in our Make My MMO column ever since!

But that’s all changing this week, as the game and website are back — and so is a new Kickstarter, which has a month to raise just over $30,000.

“If you are looking for a pirate/naval themed MMO with ample theory crafting and absolutely no Pay2Win/Grind2Win, this might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Caribbean Conquest is a rewarding game for tenacious captains to test their mettle against one another atop the beautiful high seas of the Caribbean. Whether you want to hunt shipping as a privateer, engage in fleet battles against up to 48 enemy players or build a trading monopoly to generate riches, this game is for you. With your help, we will be able to develop our playable ship combat alpha into a fully fleshed out MMORPG experience.”

The devs say that they had the bad misfortune of launching the original Kickstarter the same day Naval Action released. “We took this as an opportunity to assess feedback. We identified what people thought of the project and what people wanted,” they write.

Kickstarter backers can pick up access to the alpha (ongoing now) or beta (coming in October) depending on tier. Full release is expected next year.

Caribbean Conquest Kickstarter Screenshots


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Haven’t really been into anything involving ships and naval content since sailing my boat in UO. However, Sea of Thieves has caught my attention, which is pretty much all the attention I have available for games centering around the ocean.

Bryan Correll

30k? They must have a larger crowdfunding goal already in mind that they’ll only unveil if they can quickly fill this one.