Neverwinter explains how players wind up in the River District

But there was loot.
Have you ever wished that in the middle of a Neverwinter adventure you might hear a record scratch, followed by your character turning to the camera, winking, and saying, “You’re probably wondering how I got here, huh?” Yes, video game stories should work like wacky comedies from the ’80s, except that much of the time the only answer you can give for “why are you doing this” is “because there’s new and better loot here.” But the next set of story quests from Neverwinter should help you get at least some idea of why you’re out in the River District.

The good news is that the River District was cleaned up as players were dealing with the events of the prior expansion, but the bad news is that players will be interrupted in the middle of a ceremony in the now much-less-spellplague-filled district. It seems that a wizard named Gyrion claims to be the rightful ruler of Neverwinter, sparking an intra-city civil war in the middle of the district that players will have to unravel through the Cloaked Ascendancy update. So now you know why you’ll be there! Other than the loot thing.


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Mention of the river district makes me want to play Neverwinter Nights.