Skyforge answers player questions about future development plans

Yes, no, maybe, I don't know.
Power scaling in video games is weird, and it gets even weirder than usual in Skyforge simply because you’re playing actual gods. So you find yourself wondering if you’re stuck just playing a junior god and never becoming an Elder God, thereby becoming even more powerful and also giving some bad nightmares to anyone who knows a lot about Cthulhu. Good news, though; the most recent batch of community answers confirms that the mechanics for becoming an Elder God are in development to ensure that players can become that much more powerful.

There are also plans to introduce some sort of scaling for Pantheon Wars to avert lopsided conflicts and for more classes to join the game. There are also distant plans for counter-invasions for players to take the fight back to the homeworlds of the various invaders, but those plans are still far in the future. There’s no timeline provided for all of the changes promised, but you can be sure that you’ll be just a bit more powerful before all is said and done.


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chriskovo .

They removed the path tree in this game and I have no idea where I am on my leveling now. It got so confusing that I just stopped playing it. They should have just left the old system in play I liked the path of exile giant power and stat tree.

Also add that to the fact that they made the gem things I got with the base purchase of the game useless for buying more premium time and I just done with the game.


“So you find yourself wondering if you’re stuck just playing a junior god and never becoming an Elder God…”

You say that as if it where a bad thing. :(

Bruno Brito

Not him. God no.


Yeah…very few readers would get that who don’t follow Noragami. But Yato was the first thing that popped into my head and pigtails, when Mr. Eliot mention something disparaging about being only a “junior god”. :)

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Last week you had an article on immersion. Skyforge is a perfect example of that for me. In the beta you weren’t really gods, they didn’t really explain it but you were more like a breed of immortal in an alien race. Then they made it gods and changed the intro and stuff. I’m a god, but I wear a polo and Khakis? It’s just immersion breaking and it’s weird. I actually like the game, but tried to come back 3 times and then decided I will never be able to get sucked into this game. I don’t feel like a god, or anything else. I don’t think the game knows what it wants to be.

This is a game that should be on consoles though, it would probably do pretty well. It already works well with a controller, and the lobby system lends itself well to the console.