Conan Exiles has already sold 320K copies, ‘all costs recouped’

And this is why that's not a blobby mess!

Funcom has just announced what appears to be excellent news for investors and gamers alike: Conan Exiles has sold 320,000 copies worldwide — that’s net sales, which excludes refunds and chargebacks. It gets better.

“In addition, all of the costs directly related to this game have been recouped and the project is now operationally profitable. […] Direct costs are considered to be those related to salaries, social security and equipment for the development, technology and marketing teams, external PR & Marketing expenses and other external consulting or licensing expenses directly attributable to the project.”

Work on the PC early access version — and the planned Xbox One edition — “continues as planned.” PS4 dev begins later in 2017.

The company’s full investor report for Q4 2016 is due out at the end of February.

Source: Funcom investor relations. Thanks, Andy!

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Glad to see it doing well. I think the IP fits the best into the Survival series of anything I’ve ever seen.

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Well it looks like we haven’t even begun to hit saturation point for the Survival genre yet. Do we have to wait for Perfect World/Nexon/NCSoft to spin up a few of these titles each before we know we are there yet?


If they continue to flesh out the core mechanics while working on expanding the range of gameplay options I can only see the popularity of this game go up. So much for my heartfelt and realistic piece of opinion.

In no particular order my daydreaming wishlist:

– Improve combat and introduce advanced combat techniques and options
– make every weapon and line of sorcery feel differently and let each allow for different tactics in combat
– Add further biomes. I know this is planned.
– allow for grisly trophies to be erected at your base, like skulls onna stick and crucified victims
– introduce powerful rare mobs which give alchemy ingredients for powerful, time-limited buffs
– Keep improving, adding to and balancing endgame, make clans more integral and give them more options to settle in the world. make certain structure types, like forts, clan-exclusive
– when all biomes are done add npc town hubs to the game as a social and safe area
– add emotes
– introduce magic crafting, trading and rare materials
– introduce farming and fishing
– add mounts
– add mounted combat with a non-sucky control scheme and decent network reliability
– introduce road-building and carts
– introduce persistent official servers with a player count greater than 100 once the map is big enough
– introduce factions for each religion with central temples
– introduce faction and server-wide titles, like High Priest and King of the Exiles with accompanying fortress structures, which are voted or deciced in a intra-faction tournament with strict entry requirements
– keep npc structures destructible but they are rebuild within a certain period of time
– introduce siege weapons
– reserve the right to wipe persistent servers in the case of gross faction imbalances
– rerelease Conan Exiles as a private server-based RvR MMO
– call it Conan Exiles Hyper-EX Ultimate Edition +
Far Future:
– introduce pipes, wine and a central philosophical congress which discusses important questions like “what is best in life” and the ethical implications of human sacrifices and nudity in public

Melissa McDonald

Have you sent that to the game devs?




What I like is that were seeing daily updates with this game. Some of them are quite small and they are a pain in the arse for those who have private servers BUT who cares. They’re actually fixing stuff. So maybe I will just tell myself to “shhhh!”

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Good! That means Funcom will continue to support the project and keep patching and adding features which is the biggest problem with some of these EA games they run out of money and the Devs walk away….


Apparently their stock also shot up by 60+% or so after Conan Exiles released. At least from what I saw on some Reddit thread around the same time of the GameServers tweet.

Really great to see things are looking up for Funcom. They’re the only MMO developer/publisher at this point that hasn’t gone full F2P grub mode.


Good for them! This kind of news makes me kinda interested in the game, even though I’m not a huge fan of the genre. Surely I’m not the only one.

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Alfredo Garcia

What was that, Funcom? Sorry, can’t hear you. Busy playing Conan Exiles.

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Jack Pipsam

Wow that’s great, this must be the first time Funcom has made a profit in… well a very long time I would imagine.

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