Dark and Light’s world map covers 25 regions


The team behind the revival of Dark and Light have a mighty task ahead to convince players to give this fantasy sandbox a second chance, but pumping out great-looking screenshots of this alien world might be a good start.

Dark and Light’s main action will take place on just a small part of Planet Alpha called The Sacred Path, which covers 25 unique locations. “The Sacred Path is the center of magic and makes up the main playable area in-game,” the team posted. “Elemental magic courses through the landscape causing wild fluctuations in the structure of the land and the environment, resulting in the rapid emergence of floating islands, cursed forests, lost moors, a massive active volcano, snow-capped mountains, and more.”

Check out a few of the sights and beasties in the gallery below!

Source: Dark and Light. Thanks Kinya!

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Melissa McDonald

PvE? I’m done with PvP MMOs.


There will be pve only servers to play on


I’m waiting on this, with the ability to host servers its the return of the Neverwinter Nights persistent world.


‘Hype’! It’s like the PC version of Duke Nukem Forever. A long, drawn out development with a bunch of words about how amazing it is….but reality sets in and it’s just not that great.

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Padre Adamo

This game looks really interesting. I never played a survival title or Minecraft. Is there a long-term progression element to this game? It looks really cool!