Heroes of the Storm shows off Lucio and new mounts/skins


At the rate Heroes of the Storm is currently going, we’ll soon wind up with every Overwatch cast member in the game. Lucio is the latest character to make the leap, skating his way into the fray with a number of abilities that will be familiar to anyone familiar with the rollerblading healer from the shooter. His knockback, barriers, healing auras, and wall skates are all intact, but he can also now pop up a debuffing aura to weaken enemies instead of healing allies. In other words, he’s still Lucio.

The video also shows off the upcoming Love Goddess Tyrande skin, along with two new mounts (one rather love-themed, the other… less so, unless your version of romance involves immolated equines). Check out everything that’s under development in the video just below.

Source: YouTube
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John Kiser

Can’t wait to be honest. I main Lucio quite often.