Paladins brings out the street-smart Maeve


So apparently Paladins’ thing is that it’s going to be the online multiplayer title that fires patches and new characters at us from some sort of coding gatling gun. It hasn’t even been two weeks since Patch 42 and the introduction of Torvold, and now Hi-Rez is springing Patch 43 on us with a whole new champion to play.

The hero of the moment is Maeve, a street-smart rogue who dual-wields throwing daggers, double-jumps around the place, and puts enemies to sleep. Plus, she has pink hair and you know that’s half the battle right there.

Patch 43 also contains several limited-time Valentine’s Day-themed accessories, skins, and even a “McDreamy” candy pony mount in the store. Yes, you’ll certainly be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block when you’re riding that bad boy in late August. Check out the patch notes and get an overview of this update after the break!

Source: Patch notes

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CloakingDonkey .

She looks fun… and this coming from someone who doesn’t like cats ;)

Also holy potatoes, Hi-Rez… calm down with the patch frenzy… I’ve barely figured out the last character o0


Streets smarts always starts with pink hair. <3

Malcolm Swoboda

Of course there you are!