The Daily Grind: How do you envision your favorite dead MMO coming back?

A long time ago, in a galaxy... oh, you know.

In the many years that we have been running The Daily Grind, one of the most popular topics has been in daydreaming about the return of sunsetted MMOs. Usually, this conversation takes the form of which games we would love to see be brought back online, but today I want to focus on the how.

Let us postulate that one of your favorite retired MMOs will magically come back to life in 2017. How do you envision this happening? Who would run it? Would you be content if the server was simply turned on or would you need further development to be happy? Could this title be profitable in today’s environment?

Walk us through how you see this happening and we will see if the power of wishful thinking actually makes it happen!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Welp, my MMO of choice isn’t “dead”, it’s in maintenance mode. I know it doesn’t exactly fit the question but since there’s no one here stopping me from posting, I’m going to throw my 2 cents into the hat just because I can.

I’d like to see FFXI remade.

-I’d like to see it remade with a more modern graphics engine, something like Unreal 4 comes to mind

-I’d also like to see a deep character creation system. All existing classes would be available from the start, each with their own unique narrative paths (a la SWTOR)

-I’d like to see an action combat system similar to BDO or Blade & Soul. I want to keep the essence of the original combat system. The pace doesn’t need to be incredibly fast, enemies should be difficult enough that groups are generally handling one at a time while leveling. Weapon Skills would exist and be no different than how you would initiate an ability in BDO or B&S right now. Skill-chains would exist as they are as well. Combinations of certain weapon-skills would create Skill-Chains and of course Magic Burst would remain as well for the mages to take advantage of. This keeps the pace relatively slow but speeds it up through cooperation.

-There would be dungeons like in FFXIV but most areas would not be dungeons. Garlaige Citadel would be an open-world area that anyone could just wander into at any time. I simply want to avoid loading screens wherever possible.

-Transport would remain the same. Airships that you have to wait on, teleports, mounts, etc.

-I’d prefer if it were fully voice acted but this would be optional

Malcolm Swoboda

I haven’t experienced a MMORPG death yet. But I expect to in the next few years.

I would absolutely love a well maintained, single or double shard (PVP shard?) RIFT private server, stuff like rares and zone events more common/accessible than on retail, and F2P monetization nonsense removed. I’d be in my 30s in the 2020s happily dipping into that on a pretty regular basis, I think.

Ben Stone

Vanguard revived with a graphics engine that doesnt suck.


Neverwinter Nights on AOL. We loved that game and then one day, it was gone…

But sadly, this article smells suspiciously like ‘yet another excuse to talk about SWG — now with a better comment system!’. Let it go people, plenty of emulators out there.


I still wish there was an “MMORPG Museum” that held most all of the MMORPGs that have come and gone for people to see and play. There would be quite a lot of details that would need to be hammered out for such a thing to exist, and being a museum it wouldn’t be there as a money making thing but as education and a link to the past, but I’d still love to see it.


Isn’t the point of wanting it back, to have it in the same state it was at when it closed? Otherwise what you really want is a remake/reboot/sequel/legacy.

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Nostalgia was once considered a crippling mental disease, especially with soldiers and immigrants. Caused depression and a sense of never belonging in a strange land. Spanish soldiers had to be sent home in some records.

Do gamers suffer from this issue? If new games never fulfill that urge?

Do we really give new games a fair shake?


Star Wars Galaxies emerged from the Lazarus Pit with a gasp, her long-dormant body bursting in a spasm from the waters of unnatural life. She looked around the room with quick, darting motions of her head, her eyes boring into the souls of those around the room. They were her compatriots, in better days, but the ravages of dark times had delivered them beyond any recognition. Time stretched out as the water fell from SWG in slow falling droplets, little pieces of her sanity trailing behind them as the waters made their journey to the ancient stone below.

A hooded figure stood across the room, waiting cautiously as SWG regained her bearings. His robes were dark and nondescript. Voluminous as they were, they did littleto mask the glut that had set in over the years she’d been gone.

SWG locked eyes with the figure, focusing through her overloaded senses to make out the features beneath the hood. Though the passage of time had muddled his features, they remained unmistakable: this was her old partner, SOE. She took a cautious step forward –

“Daybreak!” shouted an unfamiliar voice. “Be wary of the madness! We have no idea how the pit will affect someone who’s been gone for this long!”

SWG narrowed her eyes as SOE reacted. Daybreak? Who is Daybreak? She looked down to her hands, testing her fingers in small flexing motions. Her skin was wrinkled; she must have been in the pit for some time, then.

A sharp voice visited her from a recess of her mind that she had never heard before, nothing more than a whisper, yet still striking with its forcefulness. It was that ephemeral, smoke-like wisp of a voice – the one that visits you while falling in and out of sleep. The voice where the words are naught but muddled nonsense, but the meaning comes clear as day to the subconscious anyway. SWG’s received it loud and clear. It was the voice any creature hears when backed into a corner, when its instincts tell it that danger is coming. Whether it was instinct or the madness of the pit she knew not, but the meaning was clear. It wanted her to kill.

SWG’s pulse quickened as adrenaline coursed through her veins, the blood in her head pulsing in the droning beat of a war drum that only she could hear. Her demeanor changed in an instant flash of sound and fury as the transformation took hold and the world faded to clouds of red and black.

She awoke from the storm feeling wet, consciously working to separate her arms from the old stone floor on which she now lay. The room was a wreckage of cloth, blood and gore – a grisly spectacle that said all that was needed about how her reawakening had ended. She stumbled for the door, grasping at the walls for support while she regained her senses.

SWG leaned on the doorpost, looking down the barren hallway beyond to a warm light shining through in the distance – the way out then. As she traversed each slow, deliberate step towards the world beyond, the old voice of the pit spoke once again, softer this time, in that tongue that only dreamers can know – survive.

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SWG pre-cu, keep the game systems exactly the same and do the whole thing in the newest unreal engine with BDO quality graphics!

As much as I would love to SWG resurrected I don’t think it would be very popular in the grand sceme of things. I think it would have a small to medium sized playerbase who are very dedicated.
Part of what makes a new MMO successful is that feeling of being a total noob in a new game world. It’s a wondrous feeling when everything is a mystery.
Fast forward to now and everyone knows everything there is to know about SWG and as soon as the game launched players would zerg the game in the most fast and efficient way to get as powerful as they can.
All that being said, I’d still love to see it happen!

Alex Hyer

If ARK can have 50,000 players every evening. I’m pretty sure SWG would do just fine.

Rolan Storm

Zerg or not do not forget community around the game. That was probably most powerful feature of the game if it can be counted as a feature. SWG is grindy (well, BDO alive with it’s grrrind) and maybe lack some polish compared to modern games, but it’s still skill-based Star Wars game. And if ‘Jump to Lightspeed’ will be there it could be quite a thing.

So I’ll join Alex: it will do just fine.

See, people do not need exactly SWG to be resurrected. But they want Star Wars game with SWG features like sandbox world, skills and space flight. Until we get that we’ll whine from time to time about SWG.


The old favorite is not coming back. If its SWG, Asheron’s Call, or vanilla WoW, part of the wonder was the uncertainty of discovering new worlds, combat, crafting, and people. These eventually get mapped out and mastered; the excitement of trying new things is replaced with plugging numbers in a formula, or looking up a location on a map.

MMO’s keep things fresh by changing these aspects, which means throwing away some old content. You can’t have the old and new combat systems. If your game uses an expansion system like WoW, eventually some of the maps get left to be a pit stop for newly created characters rushing to end game.

The dev strategy of an extended open beta(/free trial/hype period) prior to release means that every game is going to be “solved” before it is live. Before your live character is created you might already have an entire development path planned out.