Riders of Icarus invites you to date a GM for Valentine’s Day

date you a person who...

How often do you really think about the poor GMs in your game of choice? You call them to complain over every little problem like a character’s abilities not working correctly, but you never take the time to really ask them about their days, do you? Of course, most games discourage you from placing a GM call to ask “how y’all doin,” but that’s hardly the point. Riders of Icarus has paired this up with Valentine’s Day to give everyone a chance to show appreciation for the GMs through a romantic outing.

In other words, you can date a GM.

Write a poem, make a card, sing a song, or otherwise submit an entry to woo your preferred GM for an hour-long date with almost endless possibilities. (Short of, you know, the sort of roleplaying you probably do not want appearing on an official transcript. Don’t make us spell this out.) It’s certainly an unusual way to celebrate the holiday, but it’s also unique, and hey, when else will you get a chance to date a GM?


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