Nexon Q4 2016 financials down slightly QoQ and YoY, 2017 LawBreakers launch planned

Not to be confused with BreakLawyers. That's a whole different game from the start.

Nexon released its Q4 2016 and full-year 2016 financial results today, painting a mixed picture for the quarter and year: Revenues are down slightly year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter, but the company’s portfolio performed better than expected all the same thanks to “robust performance of key titles primarily in China and Korea” and depreciation of the Yen.

Of note for the western market is plenty more content on the way for 2003 MMO MapleStory, a 2017 launch for LawBreakers, and of course, production on Titanfall Online. HIT is also apparently doing better than expected. Just 11% of Nexon’s revenue is generated by countries other than China, Japan, and Korea.

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Mr Poolaty

Still no ffxi mobile news…

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Jack Pipsam

I really hope that Titanfall Online does well for them. Because EA really dropped the ball with the launch of Titanfall 2.

Despite Titanfall 2 being an incredible game, the release date (week after BF1, week before new CoD) was awful.

I know that Titanfall Online is just a modified version of the original Titanfall (a game I enjoy a lot), but I hope the revenue is good enough to convince EA that the IP is worth investing in.
Now granted I would assume that EA only gets a small cut of the revenue as the main focus is Nexon, but even just proving it can be big overseas might help.


Titanfall 2 is a good game. Basically they actually got the feedback from Titanfall 1 and improved the game. Too bad, the timing of the release was poor.