Shards Online plans wipe, drops NDA ahead of impending Steam launch


Shards Online’s latest newsletter is homing in on the game’s Steam launch. The game hit always-on alpha back in January, but now it’s eyeing plans for backer head-start on Steam — everyone who’s pledged ahead of the close of crowdfunding will be guaranteed a week-long early access period before the launch. The servers will be wiped, note, but backers will get a refund of their loyalty points to spend again and keep their loyalty titles to boot.

Citadel Studios also says that it’s waiving the NDA for the game’s normal client (not for the experimental client, though). The main alpha client’s most recent hotfix included stability and lag fixes, plus improvements to the pet system, AI, and PvP balance, as well as a new sunken treasure system for fishermen.

Source: Newsletter

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Anybody currently playing this care to offer opinions / pros and cons on this? What’s it like? I keep hearing buzz on this title, and I’d love to get into something new.


Great community. Excited game is close to going live. Have had fun over last year but will be very happy not to have to rebuild again.


Awww, can’t wait to start finally this MMO. Following it since long, played 20h or so the alpha, it’s definitely my UO2. Just waiting for the no more wipe status…


I was really interested in giving this a go when my tier of KS backer was allowed in. Unfortunately I’d have to drop another 200 bucks to get access to the mod tools and so quickly said goodbye to it.

Wonder if any of that will be available once it is on steam?