Neverwinter’s Cloaked Ascendancy introduces new randomized skirmish, weapon sets

When Neverwinter’s Cloaked Ascendancy expansion launches on February 21st, players are heading into the city itself to defend it from onslaught. And one of the chunks of content infesting the River District is the Illusionist’s Gambit skirmish, a randomized sewer dungeon.

“Our goal with this skirmish was to deliver an experience that was fun both on the first play through and on the twentieth. We’ve put in lots of random obstacles that can be combined together to create new experiences each time,” explains Content Designer Sean McCann (yes, that Sean McCann). “Sometimes the floor will become ice, other times enemies will explode, and sometimes you’ll be randomly turned into a chicken, and that could all happen at once! We have several hazards and modifiers that can be combined together in different ways on each play through to help keep runs feeling fresh and exciting.”

And what will you be getting in return for risking your life in the River District? Loot, and lots of it. According to a second dev blog, PWE is rolling out four new weapon sets that won’t invalidate Relic weapons from the previous expansion.


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Jeremy Roy

This game is a lot more fun that I remember. The wife and I have been enjoying it as a co-op adventure game. :)

Indigo Salma

Unless they do something about the inventory which s my only problem with the game , i wont ever go near it again. Its too small and takes in too much junk that could easily have its separate tab .

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Adam Babloyan

Inventory was a serious mess.

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Richard de Leon III

Agreed, and imho its all a ploy to get you to buy the cash shop backpacks, which i detest.