Ultima Online adds wedding package in time for Valentine’s Day


Are wedding bells ringing for you and your virtual significant other? Ultima Online wants to whisk you away to the event of your dreams with its new wedding package in the store. This set includes all of the decorations and outfits needed to put on a memorable event, including (and this is quite important) a buffet table.

The wedding package is part of this week’s Publish 96, which has gone live on the servers. The patch also increased the challenge (and rewards) of the Doom Gauntlet, just in case you were getting too comfortable being such an elite player.

The team said that there is much more to come with the next update: “We are well underway working on Publish 97. The major feature release for Pub 97 is the long-anticipated pet revamp. More details will be available as we move through the development process, up front I can tell you we have new creatures to tame, new ways to train and customize pets, and new viable options for pets beyond just a greater dragon!”

Source: Newsletter
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