EVE Online releases Guardian’s Gala update, gives glimpse into its glorious future

A new development update for EVE Online hints at grand and glorious things to come. CCP Seagull posted a three-minute video in which she hyped the coming update as well as April’s Fanfest convention. The February update for the MMO will include personal insurance for citadels and engineering stations, more improvements to the beginner experience, bug fixes, performance optimization, and a server-wide event.

“While all of this improvement work is going on, we’re also putting work into bigger things coming up, and we’re getting ready to share more of that,” CCP Seagull said, transitioning into a discussion on what might be discussed at Fanfest this year. She promised that a roadmap for the game’s future will be unveiled and that attendees can help to shape the story of the EVE Universe while there.

Get your EVE Online briefing in full after the break, and don’t miss today’s patch, the 119.2 Guardian’s Gala update.

“The Angel Cartel and the Serpentis Corporation are gathering for their annual talks to discuss business and the underworld politics of New Eden. With narcotics smuggling on the rise, and the Cartel and Serpentis rumored to be using Super Kerr Injected Nano-coatings to mask the contents of their cargo holds, CONCORD are offering incentives for capsuleers to put a stop to the Gala, by locating and destroying their rally points.”

Source: YouTube

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I’m eager to hear more about the PVE revamp they’ve hinted at some months ago. It is probably the one thing that’s keeping me from subbing, even though my resistance to play is slowly but surely decaying..