Trove’s Xbox One version is moving closer to an official launch

It’s been apparent that Trove’s transition onto consoles hasn’t moved quite as fast as Trion Worlds originally hoped. While the studio originally was hyping the adaptations for a late 2016 launch, Trion barely squeaked a beta version out of the door before the closing of the year.

Now the studio is saying that the Xbox One edition, at least, is growing closer to launch. In a brief update, Trion said that it’s working on putting together a patch that addresses stability issues, several pesky bugs, and improves the loot collector and crafting inventory.

“Once we’ve announced the official launch date and locked in the final launch build with Microsoft we’ll post a full list of updates and fixes coming with launch so everyone can see just how many fantastic improvements are on the way,” Trion promised.

Source: Trove

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Jack Pipsam

Trove tends to be the top of the list of popular free games on the Xbox, so it’s found some level of success over the other free games on there.