Devilian’s newest dungeon and raid goes live


Just in time for yesterday’s lovefest, Devilian unleashed wave after wave of nailbiting terror with group instances that will make your hair turn white and your gear disintegrate in shame.

First in line to kick your butt is the nightmare-level Dimensional Fortress, which can be run twice daily in case you blacked out the first time around. But that’s small fry compared to Devilian’s newest raid, the Forbidden Sanctuary. This Egyptian-themed eight-player instance contains several challenging minibosses and the fearsome Pharoah Totames at the end.

Not wanting to feel left out, the mobile version of Devilian got its own update yesterday with completely different content. Players can explore the dimension of Bithynia, fight the archdemon Avarix, and grind out some brand-new gear sets modeled on those fashion-conscious demons.

Source: Devilian, Gamevil

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I give it six months before they announce the closing of the game.

Shiro Madoushi

This game seems to be on life support. I looked at their offical forums and found that the main general discussion forum gets maybe 2 to 3 posts per week. There are posts going back to december on the first page. I see a sunset in Devilian’s future.

Kickstarter Donor

Yeah, this one landed with a very resounding thud.

Trion can’t escape their reputation in the MMO circles, and this was a game squarely marketed at that demographic. That’s why I think we’re seeing them taking a different approach to Atlas Reactor (without too much success), because they know that they need to find new audiences that don’t know who Trion are and all the baggage that they bring with them.

I tried playing again a few months back and didn’t last long. Didn’t seem like many folks are playing. Steamcharts is showing monthly averages below 100, with peaks of around/below 200. Granted, the game is playable through the native Glyph launcher as well. But by all accounts it fell pretty flat right out of the gate, and Trion seems to largely be letting this one quietly chug along outside of the occasional content update (which they don’t seem to put any marketing muscle behind).

Patreon Donor

In all honesty, I think this one has more to do with the game than with Trion reputation. They marketed it well enough, and there seemd to be plenty of interest pre-release (though I never understood why). The game just isn’t very… good.

I just went to the forums too, and yeah, it’s kind of telling that even RIFT, which is pretty much at an all time low of both game quality and player numbers, has like 20 times the forum activity that Devilian does.