Lord of the Rings Online reprises its Yule Festival

Some Lord of the Rings Online players are doing a double-take at logging in today to see that the Yule Festival has returned once more.

This isn’t a mistake but instead a planned reprise of the winter holiday event for those who didn’t manage to finish up their quests or spend their tokens in time. The Yule Festival encore will run from today through February 23rd.

Other upcoming LOTRO events on the calendar are as follows:

  • Lootbox Drop rate increase (February 23-27)
  • Hobnanigans (March 2-6)
  • Buried Treasure Event (March 9-13)
  • Spring Festival (March 22-April 3)
  • Hobnanigans (April 6-10)

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Yay! Dailies!


I was too busy learning the game to participate the first time, so it’s nice to have a chance to play now that I (kinda, sorta) know what I’m doing. It’s a fun little event and I like that it’s kept separate from the main world.

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oh its the annual Yulentime, Valenyule festival, um ok I have nothing