Dofus introduces the Ouginak class

Who's a good dog?

Whatever else you might think about Dofus, you have to admit that the game is resistant to pigeonholing. The game’s most recent update rolls out its 18th class, the Ouginak, and if you’re left wondering what the heck it’s supposed to be, that’s sort of the point. The answer is that it’s sort of a barbarian warrior with canine features… but the game’s classes are resistant to being pigeonholed in mechanical terms, too.

Ouginaks have a variety of useful skills, but each of those skills can increase the characters’ Rage level; once Rage tops out, the Ouginak loses a bunch of abilities and reverts to a feral wolf-monster state with nasty melee attacks and little else. You can do your best to transform intentionally, of course, or you can use various healing and support abilities to calm yourself… or you can apply buffs and shields to your fellow combatants, with the risk of enraging (and transforming) if certain conditions are met by your allies. Check out a trailer for the class just below.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Brett for the tip!

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This was one of the games I wanted to like. In its early days I played and didn’t like the fact that players of a certain crafting class had sole control over in-game currency where they “mint” from a gathering material. Probably will check how the game is doing nowadays.


I played this game for almost 2 years in a guild and it is highly underrated. It it funny, can have exciting and challenging fights, features a bright, colourful world filled with unique ideas and has tons of content. And there’s quite a few servers and it has a solid player base. I only moved on because I don’t have the time anymore to play 2 games in depth and there was this other game coming out…


Can’t wait to see how it plays in Wakfu.