Neverwinter is sunsetting in China

MMO Culture is reporting that Perfect World’s China branch has announced that Neverwinter’s Chinese version is shutting down. The game is expected to sunset in that region on May 19th, less than two years after its launch there.

There is no anticipated effect on the Western version of the game; we have reached out to PWE for comment on confirmation, however, and will update when we have it.

In the west, the free-to-play Neverwinter has seemingly enjoyed a popular run on PC and console, claiming 12 million registered players across all platforms as of last autumn. Its Cloaked Ascendancy expansion is due out later this month.

Source: MMO Culture
Update: PWE’s western division confirmed to Massively OP that the western version of the game will not be affected by the Chinese sunset.

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Alex Hyer

Not enough thongs, breast physics and “child races”, I’d guess.

Dug From The Earth

So Western players… Buy more lockbox keys, fast, before its too late!


I wonder if the Chinese balked at $35 mounts like I did?

Johnathen Roberts

Is Neverwinter not partial to grinding 24/7 or gold selling? Only reasons I can think of it shutting down in china..

Dug From The Earth

The problem is, gold farmers dont buy from gold farmers, which leaves them with a NIL market. All supply, no demand.

Indigo Salma

I’m guessing it went so cash shop dependent even the chinese are running away from it.


That reminds me, are PnP games such as D&D even popular in the midst of China? Some games pretty much require that franchise connection to get the most enjoyment out of their experience playing it.

Kickstarter Donor

The entire JRPG format grew out of PvP gaming: the reason why JRPGs will typically have a predefined cast of characters & the story line is already set, while western RPGs still typically hand to the “create your own character / choose your own adventure” sales pitch, is because when PnP games hit Japan in the 80’s; Japanese players had a hard time getting into raw GM run campaigns, but gobbled up the pre-made modules.

*insert anecdote about Japanese culture being highly conformist by nature / preference*
(I am guessing that being told “here is a game where you have no limitations on who you are / what you do / where you go” was causing mental short circuits)

So Japanese publishers started producing more and more novel-like pre-made modules, with specific NPC-like characters that had predefined roles within the module’s plot, where players would just take over a character & then the party would act out the story line.

Eventually fans started building these modules into MUD-like computer programs & then that led to single player versions & those eventually transitioned into the Final Fantasy type of full video games.

… you can still see the roots of all that in those dating sims that Japan will put out.

TL;DR: yes PnP games are popular in Asia … or at least Japan … well … at least they used to be, but I have no idea if they got squashed out by the video game franchise that spawned from them.

Danny Smith

Outside of piracy I imagine they are a no show what with the ministry of cultures policy on ‘supernatural elements’