ARK: Survival Evolved recruited one million players on PlayStation 4


Is there any stopping the juggernaut that is ARK: Survival Evolved? Not right not on console, at least. The dino sandbox topped PlayStation 4 Network sales in both December and January, netting over a million players (and sales) to date. The game came out on PS4 back on December 6th. To celebrate the milestone (or simply make some more bucks), ARK is selling the PS4 Survivor’s Pack at 20% off. This pack comes with the game, all content to date, and the expansion.

It’s a good time to be a console player, too, as that ARK community gets to enjoy a brand-new update with four additional animals, the TEK tier of armor, and lots of luscious hairstyles. Oh, and did we mention the dinosaur-mounted laser cannons? Because a T-Rex isn’t dangerous enough on its own, apparently.

Check out the patch highlights in the video alone, and definitely don’t miss a certain Dirty Dancing tribute at 1:10!

Source: Press release, Games Industry
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