Crowfall preps faction system, playtests, and houses


Coming soon — not in time for this weekend’s pre-alpha test, but soon — is the first version of Crowfall’s faction system. At some point in Pre-Alpha 4.0, players will be able to pick and fight for a faction, officially joining a team until the end of a campaign’s run. While a date for the start of faction play hasn’t been announced, the Templar will be available to test this weekend.

The devs said that this initial foray into factional warfare won’t be as full-featured as the launch game: “This isn’t a ‘mini-campaign,’ per se, so don’t expect win conditions, castle sieging or limitations on import/export just yet… all of that will come in due time. This is simply the jumping-off point.”

ArtCraft is also running a housing promotion by selling three of its units at 20% off (which range from $52 to $144). Whether or not you’re interested in buying them, you might want to check out the “Parade of Houses” video after the break to get an idea of what homesteading in Crowfall might look like.

Source: Crowfall

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Wendigo Runner

Housing? I thought that Crowfall was basically a glorified team death match / Battle Grounds based game with a lobby system.


How do you obtain these in-game? Is there a flat gold fee, or is the only way to obtain them right now by paying exorbitant amounts of money?

I’m looking forward to Crowfall, but I am a little worried about that cash shop and some of its prices.

Dylan Sullivan

all houses will be obtainable in game but require actual work so its basically pay for convenience

odin valhalla

Looking forward to testing the Templar this weekend its one of my “target toons” for this game.