Pokemon Go adds the second generation of pokemon to the game

Insufficiently slow.

It’s time for you to go out and catch some Gen 2 starters and maybe a Wooper or a Miltank. The second generation of pocket monsters has been added to Pokémon Go, with those players still wandering the street compiling a helpful rundown of all possible information on these new critters. They might be hard to track down, but at least it’s not yet another Pidgey.

The addition also brings changes to many of the Generation 1 monsters, with attacks being altered or rebalanced for more engaging battles. Meanwhile, some fans are already clamoring for Generation 3 to get added into the game, because no one is ever satisfied. Plus, of course, the official games are already up to Generation 7, so there’s some way to go before this game has caught up.

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Kurt Shadle

Nice but still wish the game was rural friendly. I don’t play much when I’m forced to go for a 45 min to do much.

Glad gen 2 is here but I’m wondering what this will end up doing. There’s still plenty of gen 1 pokemon I’ve never seen and now chances just got cut roughly in half.

Wendigo Runner

Okay, but did they add fun to the game yet?

Oyjord Hansen

My kid and I are still enjoying the hell out of Pokemon Go. I don’t get the hate. I think haters expect too much from a mobile game. I think they’re trying to compare it to an MMO on a PC or FPS on the PS4, games that you play for hours and hours on end. Mobile gaming isn’t striving for such gameplay experiences. PoGO is great to play when you’re ALREADY out doing things. At least, that’s why my family and I are still enjoying it.

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Jack Pipsam

I have to admit, when they bring in the Gen 3 Pokemon I might consider re-downloading for a day or two. I am most nostalgic for that cluster of Pokemon, when they remade Ruby I had a total blast.


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Edit: Oh, no tweet preview :-

(NOT A COMPLAINT, BREE! Take time off from the commenting system, play some games for Gaia’s sake!!)

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This also mean the 2nd generation of people out on the streets running into people and such? LOL