AdventureQuest 3D cranks it up with its open beta trailer


It has been a while since AdventureQuest 3D kicked off its open beta phase — since last October, to be more specific — but the team wants to keep excitement high for this cross-platform MMO. After presumably considering a massive publicity stunt involving cloud writing, Mount Rushmore, and legendary crooner Wayne Newton, the dev team decided instead to produce an open beta trailer. Which is pretty good too, even if it lacks a certain danke schoen.

Are you prepared for what awaits you after the break? Trust us, you are not, but go ahead and look anyway.

Source: YouTube

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Chosenxeno .

They need to get that VR going on.


I kind of want to get in this, but I can’t get over the anime aesthetic.

flamethekid .

anime aesthetic?

this is the same designs they have had for the past nearly 2 decades its more cartoonish than anime

Oleg Chebeneev

I would probably be interested if I was 8 years old and never tried another MMORPG. Not even sure

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Which i personally don’t see as a bad thing at all..

It is actually a half decent game of its type with some funny questing to enjoy. Just set your expectations to a reasonable level and there is fun to be had with this game, at least for a little while.