Project Gorgon previews its Orc community dungeon


The largest and toughest dungeon in Project Gorgon to date is getting ready for its online debut. The team gave a sneak peek at Gazluk Keep, an Orc-themed dungeon intended for a group of a half-dozen players who are level 65 or higher.

So what makes this type of dungeon special? The devs said that Gazluk Keep is loosely based on EverQuest II’s community (public) dungeons. “This dungeon will be REALLY large, with a lot of branches and offshoots, so that two or three groups can wander through it. Groups will occasionally run into each other at crossroads, but they shouldn’t get in each others’ way too much,” the team said.

This dungeon is being designed for repeat visits and has an eye for the daily life and habits of Orcs. While it won’t be puzzle-heavy, the devs do promise a secret or two for the clever player to discover.


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Have they updated the graphics? That screenshot looks miles ahead of anything I saw when I first gave the game a shot.

Tamás Illés

New elements usually look better, plus there are some small updates here and there (I noticed just yesterday that the icons of fishes changed).

Kickstarter Donor

Every time I read an new article about this game it sounds better.

Nathaniel Downes

I was just thinking the exact same thing. Wow, they’re looking good!