Life is Feudal launches a new phase of beta

The MMO version of Life is Feudal is expected to kick off another round of beta today, says a new post on Bitbox’s official site: “[The] second test run of LiF:ММО CBT (wave #1) will start on February 20th and we’re planning on it being held for two weeks.” It is expected to launch late this year.

Confused by all the Life is Feudal versions floating around? Don’t be. The game was originally planned as an MMO back in 2014, but funding issues caused the studio to scale back to a “pocket” version of the game called Life is Feudal: Your Own, more like a survival sandbox than an MMO. A year ago, however, the company turned its attention back to the MMO, along the way launching a city builder called Life is Feudal: Forest Village. The team has also been working on a mobile app that includes minigames and guild chat.

LiF:MMO began internal beta last summer, followed by player testing last December.


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Do owners of the sandbox game get access to this beta? Or are they still running a bait and switch and only giving access to people that buy the new shop packs? Only reason I bought the sandbox game was it promised access to the MMO version.

Edit: Oh, these guys are in Russia, so I’m guessing bait and switch it is.

Francis Baud

“All LiF:YO owners will receive LiF:MMO currency which later can be used to purchase ticket for one character (aka get into the game).”

“Currently we’re planning to use combination of b2p (buy to play) and f2p (free to play) models. You will be able to download the client for free and stay on the newbie island for as long as you wish. […] Leaving the newbie island will require some amount of special ingame currency which can be bought with real life funds.”

“Its always been that YO owners get access to Wave #2 and you can enter the lottery to enter Wave #1. this is still the case, you do not ever need to spend another cent on LiF and you still get wave 2 and a character. If you want Wave 1 then you need to buy any package that makes you happy and you get between 1 and 3 characters for the MMO along with it, plus 2 of the options you get a second copy of YO (even if you use discount) that you can give to a friend along with a character ticket so they can join you in the MMO.” (user reply)