Revelation Online shows off the many paths to wings

It's not Red Bull, no.
You don’t want to walk in Revelation Online; you want to fly away. (Just like a dragonfly.) Fortunately, the game gives you wings pretty early on, so you can explore the world from the air as you wish. The most recent preview on the official site shows several of the diverse wings available to players in the game, ensuring that players of all styles can soar through the air with the greatest of ease.

Wings are available from dungeons as drops, but wings can also be crafted by breaking down unwanted sets of wings. You can also earn specific sets by crafting a new set from several reputation items. In short, you needn’t worry that you’ll suffer from a paucity of wing options, from insect-like dragonfly wings to billowing energy in vague wing shapes. Check out the full dispatch for more information on how to take to the skies.


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Desperate here,

Looking new title to play now.
– Revelation Online
– Hellion
– Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Are what the lady and I are looking at. Any other suggestions? Conan Exiles was considered but lost interest. Really wish MU Legends or Lost Ark would be in march but no go.


Revelation Online will launch free to play so it won’t cost you anything other than time to check out when Open Beta (aka Soft Launch) starts on 3/6. If you want to get in 2/27 then you have to buy a founder’s pack but that’s entirely unnecessary unless you’re EXTREMELY desperate! I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

I’ll also be jumping in to GRW with my wife. We liked a lot of what the Division had and the idea of a more open world (WITH vehicles!) sounds a lot cooler. At least I say that now until we discover that in-game I can’t drive/pilot worth a crap. IIRC, Open Beta for it begins 2/23. (confirmed and you can actually “preload” it now!)


GRW looks to be the direction were headed. Dulfy is a respected member of the communities I play in. She’s got a great guide site. Her intro guide to RO explained a lot of what to expect as its written recently. RO sounds very end game raid and group dependant.