Ashes of Creation on dungeon finders, soloing, player shops, and guild ethics


MOP tipster Joel let us know about an absolute trove of info flowing in the Ashes of Creation Discord channel thanks to the candor of Creative Director Steven Sharif. Sharif has been on a tear explaining game systems to the players hanging out there. Here are a few of the more interesting bits!

  • Ashes will allow medium and small guilds to stay competitive. We have specifics systems in place to accomplish this.”
  • “Playing alone is complete accepted, and feasible.”
  • “High customization suite for character creation will allow for fat/skinny variants.”
  • “I want to see players be able to enjoy the game together, and that includes new players being able to participate in activities with their experienced friends.”
  • “While we do have classic leveling mechanics for the adventuring class, there are many ways to ‘level’ in Ashes. Not everything is put behind a linear progression. We want players who are casual to be able to participate in activities with players that have more time to play.”

Apparently, Sharif is a guildleader as well and was asked how he’ll handle that if his guild plays his game.

  • “I would tell them that I have already separated myself from aspects of leadership in the guild, so as not to blur the lines between a developer and a guild. I do not intend on leading the guild in Ashes of Creation. Nor do I intend on playing with them. I understand very clearly the conflict in interest potential there, and want the players in the guild to experience the awesomeness of what I am building without any potential for unfair play.”

More? Yes!

  • Players can expect to “physically travel” to dungeons. “I dont want there to be a UI based utility system that is focused on efficiency. More so an in game reason for a person to visit the town that has unlocked a nearby dungeon rich with loot, where solo players could post their willingness to join adventuring parties who intend on delving that deep cold cave of darkness, malice and hate.”
  • On the other hand, “I don’t even know for certain if there will be a dungeon finder yet. We are still discussing that mechanic.”
  • “Player housing is only attackable if a node loses a siege. And only the housing within that node’s zone of influence.”
  • There will be a player shop mechanic. “Players will be able to input the required items for repair, accompanied by the necessary mats. The crafter’s shop would merely offer the service. Though if the player needed the mats as well, the shop would contain a window with those for sale if they had the inventory.”
  • “There is a stealth mechanic,” but they aren’t talking about it until they publish more on classes.

There’s more good stuff if you’re willing to dig back a few weeks and want a peek into the philosophy shaping up here.

Source: Discord. Cheers, Joel!
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