Black Desert teases Dark Knight pre-creation for tomorrow’s patch

Get excited — but not too excited. The western branch of Black Desert this afternoon teased a silhouette of the Dark Knight in conjunction with a note about tomorrow’s update.

According to the maintenance notice, the patch will herald two key actions: “Dark Knight Pre-creation event will begin” and “Dark Knight Character Slot Expansion Coupon will be added to celebrate the Dark Knight’s release.”

Expect the class to fully launch in March. Korea got it back in December and has already been teasing its awakening. When live, she’ll bring the game’s total to 13.

Source: Twitter

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Why are the people in comments so butthurt over BDO?

Also, more games need to do this; unlock character creation before the actual hero. When the new content launches you want to log in and play now, not get stuck in creation for 2 hours until you get a decent result.


BDO is a complex game that requires a lot of time and effort. It’s very much a play-to-win game where you have to invest a lot of hours into the game to be good both in terms of gear you wear as well as skill at playing your character. You can’t just casually hop in, min-max your character after 20 hours, and be done with it. It’s very old school in that character advancement can take hundreds of hours. Every system is a full on, fully developed system if you really want to take advantage of it and not something you can just casually do if you’re concerned about being successful at it.

So, with that said, a lot of people aren’t willing/able to put in the kind of time it takes to be successful at the game. This is especially true because you can’t be propped up by others and have to do the work yourself. So rather than just admit that fact that they just can’t or won’t put in the kind of time it takes to be successful at the game or even learn the basics they just come random ass excuse that has almost zero impact on game play as an excuse not to play. It’s the same thing we saw with people when they quit over the whole “pay2win” nonsense even after it was shown repeatedly how small of an impact such features actually have compared to actively playing. They didn’t care, they just didn’t want to keep playing and looked for the first excuse to jump ship. Happens all the time.

So it’s less butt hurt, and more of the usual people not wanting to be honest with themselves.


Way to much fun in ESO to look back at BDO.


(Random reason that has a minor impact on game play but I’ll use it to invalidate 99% of the rest of the game)? Pass.


texture pop-in? Pass


This made me laugh so hard.

“NPCs I can’t even interact with pop in using culling/rendering techniques in use since 2012?!?! Game. RUINED.”

Mitchell Hamilton

Class looks like a lot of fun. I’m keen to roll one

Bryan Turner

Gankbox? Pass.

Kickstarter Donor

Inventory and weight limit increases still character-locked? Pass.

Viciouz Gamer

Gender locked – Pass