Eternal Crusade makes loadouts more flexible with widespread balance changes

Challenge: Get queued up.

It’s been a bit quieter than normal on the Eternal Crusade front this month, but that was due to a large-scale rebalancing patch being in heavy testing. That patch is up for testing now for players, with the expectation of going live soon. And it’s a big one, altering the fundamental way that you play the game with more loadout freedom, no more diminishing returns on loadouts, and major shifts to the ways that each faction is meant to play.

The idea is that players will be asked to make hard decisions about survivability compared to damage-dealing capacity, with more flexible classes having more options but being more vulnerable on the exchange. Eldar units are also less healthy, so they should go down faster to compensate for their spindly frames being difficult to help. That’s in addition to a number of new options for every class to help each faction feel more distinct. Check out the full list of changes on Steam; it’s a meaty patch that should severely disrupt your regular play patterns.

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