Guardians of Ember unlocks Act 4, raises level cap, and goes on sale

Runewaker’s hack-and-slash MMOARPG is a bit bigger, a bit older, and a bit wiser, thanks to a hefty update to Guardians of Ember’s early access client.

Today, Guardians of Embers opened the doors to Act 4, ushering players into the most challenging areas of the game to date: “Fierce enemies are waiting in ten new zones while bigger bosses protect valuable loot in sixteen new dungeons. To make looting easy, two new pets, the Blue Magpie and the Greenwood Chameleon, are added to the game. Players should expect challenging fights for which they need new gear and the best skill combinations on their way up to level 50 — the new level cap for Guardians of Ember.”

To celebrate the debut of Act 4, Runewaker is holding a 25% off sale for the game through February 27th. This means that you can pick up Guardians of Ember for as low as $14.99 for the regular edition or $37.49 for the deluxe.


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Dug From The Earth

Im tired of these ARPG games that are so linear you could play them in your sleep.

– ZERO exploration.
– You can just run from point A to point B and never get hit by enemies, despite the path from A to B being just a narrow, boring trek with no side paths
– More danger of death vs a small group of regular enemies than vs an elite boss.
– Small list of skills, and many of them arent too different from each other, with boring and limited upgrade paths
– Ridiculous and boring itemization. Things like Crossbow mastery on a 2handed sword.
– Blurry and Hazy graphics (probably to hide the shoddy animations and low polygon count)

Other games to avoid for similar reasons: Mu Legends, Devilian. These “Run in a line from A to B” ARPGs need to go. Way too influenced by lackluster mobile gameplay.

Get Grim Dawn instead. You will thank me later.

Daniel Miller

I hot it but so laggy and hard gameplay so i move on.

Oleg Chebeneev

How does it compare to the likes of Grim Dawn?

chriskovo .

Bad quality and animation. Im playing an engineer and I have a flame thrower attack. Since im using a bow he just holds out the bow and flames shoot out of it in a stream. Just so not doing it for me. Didn’t even get through the first act before quitting. Play Grim Dawn or the Van Helsing games instead those were a lot better.

Jeremy Barnes

or Path of Exile or Marvel heroes…


Picked this game up shortly after the EA launch and the damn thing wouldnt even launch…first time an EA game has ever done that so i refunded it. Still would like to get the game, but think ill let it bake a bit longer.