Path of Exile shows off the unique items hinting at the power of departed gods

THE POWER (you've got it)
The ancient gods of Path of Exile have slumbered for thousands of years, and for all intents and purposes they have vanished from the world. Obviously, with the launch of The Fall of Oriath expansion, those deities will be coming back to the forefront, so you can’t forget about them. But while you’ll be interacting with them heavily in that expansion (seriously, you can read all about it) you could forget that they exist otherwise… unless you pick up one of the new unique items being added to the game in update 2.6.

There are three new items being added to the game that each contains some small hint of the powers of these departed entities. Garukhan’s Flight improves your ability to heal and recover so long as you remain forever moving, Tidebreaker is all about stunning your targets into complacency as befits a mace, and the Martyr of Innocent lets you block more readily whilst spreading fire damage. Check out the exact stats in the official preview, and get ready to go searching for the smallest fragment of these divine powers.

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