Black Desert brings out the Dark Knight on March 1st

I'm cutting it down.
Good news, fans of knights with requisite darkness! Black Desert is bringing the Dark Knight to local shores on March 1st, allowing everyone in the world to be as dark as they like. But you won’t have to wait until March 1st to actually make your own Dark Knight, as the game is allowing players access to the character creator for the class with today’s patch. That means you can make and customize your forbidden warrior of Kamasylvia today, if you’d like.

This does come with a slight downside, as the developers had been planning on giving everyone an extra character slot to include the Dark Knight, but there are currently some technical issues cropping up due for a hotfix tomorrow.

Still, it’s a new class for those who like it, and it’s just a week away at this point. You can check out screenshots and an overview trailer just below, or you can just create a face you’ll like as soon as server maintenance is finished.


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So…race/gender locked again, eh?


Yep. Seems to be a big thing in Korea?


I’ll grab the extra slot coupon, but I don’t think I have it in me to get a 7th character to 56.

Melissa McDonald

Hotfix tomorrow? Won’t play tonight or patch today. So, I guess I’ll play some World of Tanks/Warships or LOTRO tonight then! :P


Works for me, two half nights of melting Iron = 1 full night of melting Iron! :D