Life is Feudal welcomes testers to its second closed beta


Yesterday, Life is Feudal kicked off its second closed beta test for the MMO version of the game. The test is somewhat short and will last about two weeks. All backers who bought into the game (at a minimum of $45) will be part of this beta wave, although the team was also accepting applications for free beta spots on the site.

To drum up excitement over the CBT, the team has released a new trailer that shows off the various guilds towns that can be constructed in this expansive sandbox world. From the fertile prairies to the snow-covered crags, it looks as though where there’s a flat enough space, players can plant down settlements of their own.

Is Life is Feudal’s closed beta calling you? Check out the “This World Awaits You” trailer after the break and see if you can hear it (or not)!

Source: YouTube

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Robert Mann

Yeah, I’m testing, but it’s definitely an early beta still for many things. The login issues in particular are going to be a major issue to need fixed, given that there are so many and that they are somewhat random.

It’s fun to play with a group, still… but anyone looking to play right now had best be prepared for those issues!

P.S. Technically, it is ‘Wave #1, Beta #2.’ The distinction being access rights is based on waves, for those who own LiF:YO it isn’t time until Wave #2 unless they want to buy in (or win access.) The Facebook page currently links to a contest for 10 keys, I believe the application part is a carryover from prior to Wave #1, Beta #1.

Stephen Goyette

Too bad this run is plagued with crashing and login issues. That and half our group doesn’t want to get involved for two weeks and then wait for servers to come back in two months.

I know it’s closed beta and all, but the tediously slow skill gain, the server boundary crashing and losing horses, major combat changes that made many people’s gear unusable…I like many I think are sitting this wave out.