Ship of Heroes posts a Kickstarter countdown on its main page

Well, I mean, this is transparent.

Whenever we here bring news about a new indie title, there’s always at least one person asking in the comments about when the Kickstarter is starting. It’s not even cynical at this point, just a predictable eventuality. Of course, usually the answer to that question is unclear, since most teams announce the Kickstarter date around the same time the Kickstarter actually starts. Ship of Heroes has opted instead to launch a Kickstarter countdown on its main page, so you can see exactly how long it will be before the game launches its Kickstarter project.

As of this writing, there’s a bit over a month left on the countdown timer, although the lack of any official announcements about the timer may or may not indicate that it’s an intentionally long period. I suppose we’ll see in about 40 days after this writing, yes? It’s something to mark your calendars for, at least.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Elderan for the tip!
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