We may have already known about Overwatch’s next hero… for months

Everything comes around again.

The next Overwatch hero is a quadraped Omnic named Anchora, and she appears to be a tank. This isn’t a new announcement, though; it’s from a leak that’s months old. The question is whether or not it’s accurate, and at the time of the leak, it certainly didn’t seem accurate. Then again, at the time of the leak we also didn’t have an interview with a robotics prodigy talking about her next project, so that certainly changes the evaluation.

The leak successfully forecasted the Lunar New Year event and the accompanying Mei skin, as well as going into more detail on Mei’s origin story. It is, of course, a leak rather than an official announcement, so it could prove to be completely incorrect. But if the next hero really is scuttling around on all fours, perhaps we shouldn’t be all that surprised after all.

Source: Reddit via VG24/7

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As always, I’m interested to see what a new hero brings to the table. I struggle to think what a new tank will do that the others already don’t. It should be fun to find out!


If this was anything like Titan was suppose to be I really don’t understand why they didn’t turn this into a full blown MMO. This is the only shooter I play now and so often I just want to free roam that world.

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

Agreed – I like the game, but I’m sad for the world that might have been with it.