Black Bolt leaps into Marvel Heroes


Maybe you missed it, but Marvel is no longer going to be making an Inhumans movie. Instead, it’s decided to adapt the comic series into a TV show for this fall on ABC that will also have a two-hour IMAX premiere. With that in mind, it seems understandable why Marvel Heroes would want to get Black Bolt into the game.

With today’s update, the leader of the Inhumans joins the roster as the 61st playable hero. “Having experienced terrigenesis before he was born, Blackagar Boltagon was granted frighteningly destructive powers,” said the introduction. “Though he justly serves the people of Attilan through the wise words his council, he chooses his own words to protect Attilan from those who would put the Inhumans in danger.”

In addition to Black Bolt, Marvel Heroes has made some improvements to hero animations and power speed, upgraded three of the game’s story chapters, and pushed through the major summoning changes that have been in the works for a while now. You’ll also now only need to go to your hero roster to unlock new heroes and team-ups with eternity splinters, as Adam Warlock has been retired from this duty.

Source: Marvel Heroes, patch notes

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I thought you were joking with his name, that is the worst name ever. Also I hope when you play him you just have one button that you push and it levels the entire zone

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Alien Legion

“Blackagar Boltagon” aka “Black Bolt”
Marvel didn’t even try with that one.


Created in 1965, the era of ridiculous comic names.

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so true lol

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I liked this game, but dear lord the bag space that is needed is worse than any game I have seen.


I stopped playing months ago because of the horrendous inventory system. Spending 75% of my time in game fiddling with my inventory is not what I consider fun.

Dug From The Earth

I understand the need for the devs to make money on the game, but the focus should have been on costumes/voice sets and boosts.

That and the fact that itemization in the game is currently 100% fubar. The game is completely missing a good chunk of the needed gear to feel rounded out and balanced, especially for harder difficulties (ie: Omega gear… imagine Diablo 3 without set items).

Cosmetic stuff shouldnt take up space. Period. Especially when you have paid real money for it. Want all 10+ of iron mans costumes? guess what, they are gonna take up space in your bank. Thats just dumb and frustrates your PAYING player base.

One nice thing about the last big update however that freed up a TON of space, was how unique items are handled. There is NO reason to save duplicates anymore. Its only worth banking those hard to get uniques. All the common ones specific to a hero, if you arent using it, just junk it. Its super easy to get another. No reason to farm for better stats either. Just reroll it with the crafter.


Don’t be a hoarder. 99% of the gear is useless, just like any ARPG. They have something called “loot vacuuming”. You should have turned it on. I never have issues with my inventory at all. It helps that I bought the Ultimate founders which came with a stash for each of the 25 heroes announced and 3 crafting / 3 general tabs. Even then I am hardly ever managing inventory. I vacuum feed my pet every i tem. I don’t pick up uniques as you only need the 5 main ones your class uses. You can re-roll them. I pick up crafting mats, runes, etc. I hunt cosmic artifacts.

The only stuff I ever “manage” is running to the bank every 20 – 30 minutes and putting my runes / relics in there.

Dug From The Earth

I agree with the loot hording, BDJ… however

1. There are still a lot of things worth storing. Cosmic amulet, insignias, and artifacts. Relics, the “new” costume cores (i forget their name), rare crafting mats, all the cosmetic items (if you care about them), etc etc. Its VERY easy to fill up 3 full bank spots with items that arent Slot 1-5 gear.

2. Someone who paid 200 dollars for a free video game really isnt in an ideal position to advise those who paid only 60 (or who are playing free) how they should manage their inventory. Its great that you got that pack, more power to you (and thx for supporting the devs), but most people who eat at Denny’s dont want Donald Trump telling them they are ordering their food wrong… if you catch my drift.