Conan Exiles is bringing up new European servers, already looms over PAX East


Funcom announced today that it’s found a partner to host its Conan Exiles servers in Europe: G-Portal.

“This week the remaining European servers for Conan Exiles have been going up one by one,” says the studio. “We’ve already rolled a decent number of servers and the rest of them will be ready in a short while thanks to our new server partner! Servers will be popping up all over Europe, from west to east, so look for the ones with the best ping to find the one closest to you. The old Pingperfect servers will be brought up with the same name and server database as before, so players can jump right in to continue their adventure in the Exiled Lands.”

Early this month, Funcom told players it was parting ways with its original server host, PingPerfect, and switched to Gameservers, which it believed would be better able to handle the apparently huge demand for the game. Then, last weekend, the studio abruptly region-locked official servers for the game, sending legitimate international communities into turmoil as replacement servers have been coming up slowly all week.

Meanwhile, the team is gearing up for next month’s PAX East, where Conan himself has already set up shop at the Westin.

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Nathaniel Downes

The official servers have become locked out for new players however. I have tried a dozen, and there simply is nowhere left to build.

Valen Sinclair

I’ve noticed that many of the top streamers on Twitch have already abandoned it. Not a good sign.


Many of the top twitch folks are “New Shiny” chasers so that makes sense. Once something loses its luster to them they move on.

While Im critical of CE, I don’t think using the Shiny chasers as a metric to determine the popularity of the game is an accurate one.

Kickstarter Donor

If they’ll be at PAX, I hope they’ll have some sort of nod to how popular the dong physics in the game are. Because why not go all-in on the childish humor angle, IT FREAKING WORKS.

Seriously though, the dongs in this game have probably received more media attention overall than any other facet of it.

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“Look upon my Dorks, ye Mighty, and despair!”

(A shout out to Shelley and the endowment slider.)