Final Fantasy XIV previews a new trial and new deliveries for patch 3.55a

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The bad news about Patch 3.55a for Final Fantasy XIV is the stuff it’s not going to contain. If you’re eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Main Scenario, it’s not in this patch. It’s not even going to contain the revamped Diadem, as a few bugs have held that content back until patch 3.55b. But that’s no reason to prevent players from exploring all of the parts that are working just fine, hence why the patch is arriving on February 28th. And we’ve even got some pictures of it down below.

Players will be able to take on the 24-player Ultima battle that was on display through all three fanfests, the first 24-person trial in the game. There’s also the new delivery system with Zhloe that allows crafters and gatherers to earn favor with NPCs through custom deliveries, new stages in the Anima Weapon questline, and a new arena for The Feast. Check out the pictures just below; you’ve only got a few more days to wait!


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Albert Guzman

I hadn’t heard a thing about this new trial before. Any idea when .55b is coming out? I’ve got a lot to do and less time than I’d like to do it before Stormblood comes out.

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Yoshi-P said that .55b will be coming either a week or 2 weeks after .55a, mainly because of a big bug in the revamped Diadem.