Guild Wars 2 drops a big skill balance patch


Could you feel that? There’s been a disturbance in the forums, as if dozens of Guild Wars 2 skills cried out in terror… and were suddenly balanced.

ArenaNet dropped a huge skill balance patch on Wednesday that rejiggered and finagled scores of skills for every class. In the patch notes, each class is given an explanation about the design goal was for their respective changes. The studio is currently asking players for feedback on the extensive tweaks.

“In this balance update, we’re increasing the target cap for a select number of skills and traits,” ArenaNet said. “When doing this, we must consider a variety of aspects, from game health to server performance. These changes are intended for the specific purpose of improving large-group compositions and to improve their general support capability.”

There are also some new store offerings, such as additional eye colors (you vain homebody you) and a wicked-looking Shattered Bloodstone glider. Oh, and whatever you do, you’ll want to heed this warning:

Don’t care about skills? How about lore: Dulfy has a guide to the new mini-quest for players who’ve fully finished Heart of Thorns.

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