Drakensang Online preps trailer for next week’s Sands of Malice expansion

2011 free-to-play MMOARPG Drakensang Online has today released a trailer for next week’s update, dubbed Sands of Malice, which is due on Tuesday. The expansion is expected to boost the level cap to 55, add a new random arena, create new difficulty modes for highbie areas, implement a new rune system, improve gems, insert new monster types, and buff parallel world drops.

“Sands of Malice is a huge new and free to access content expansion that takes players to a mysterious Arabian themed land full of desolation, powerful enemies and danger lurking around every corner. Players must travel to the homeland of the faithful character Zahir, to investigate his claims that the land is cursed. Rumors abound of an ancient power, and a plot to free it from its prison beneath the temple.”

Check out the trailer below!

Source: Press release
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