Hundreds of housing items and dimensions are coming to RIFT in March

Next week marks RIFT’s first big update of the Starfall Prophecy expansion cycle, Patch 4.1: Forged in Flames. When the patch drops on March 1st, it will not only bring a new raid and eternal weapons but also a semi truck’s worth of additional dimensions and housing items.

Dimension Gallery has rounded up all of the details and images for professional and novice interior designers. At least five new dimensions will be added to the fantasy MMO: Volcanic Playground (sounds safe), Wyrd Hut, Alittu, Saint Taranis, and the wonderfully named Fortress of the Apocalypse.

Hundreds of additional housing items are coming as well, including banners, candles, building blocks, music blocks, and at least 35 buildings. If you primarily get your housing decor through minion missions, you’ll be happy to hear that 4.1 will increase the number and types of dimension rewards that your followers bring back from associated quests.


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Housing support is always good, imo. Looks like it’s come a long way since I tried it many moons ago (and at the time, I really wanted wall decorations!).


I’m still slowly(very slowly) playing this game on the side(just level 14), and I really like it.

Not a lot of love around here for this game(I know…Trion). And, I’ve heard the negative stuff about the new expansion, but I think that it’s got a lot of good qualities, like a big open world and the dimension housing lets you be really creative.

Any thoughts from people who are playing the new expansion, good or bad?
And what does the future of this game look like? Just wondering if it’s in free-fall or just going through a rough patch?

Guybrush Threepwood

ive played since alpha. i quit with the new xpac. get the fuck out. trion was a great company and then turned to shit. get the fuck out. don’t play.

Robert Mann

Eh, there’s pluses and minuses. There are a lot of little issues and things that are delayed. Nothing really new in MMO space there. Trion didn’t, certainly, keep up the pacing of vanilla and SL updates.

I think the game could continue to do well, provided that they put a little more effort into pre-testing the next xpac and making things work a little better prior to releases. This isn’t the first time they have had that letdown, though.


That helps, thanks.
I guess I’m just seeing a really solid base game that could be added onto, updated, improved, but I understand the problem with Trion and lack of confidence.
I’m still just playing for free and I’m not in any rush. My main game is WoW, right now.
Of course bag space is quickly becoming an issue..

Well, I hope Trion keeps working on repairing their reputation. I assume that they don’t have complete control over the disaster that is ArcheAge, but they still have take ultimate responsibility in the end for what they’re putting their name on.