Paladins bumps up Essence gains significantly for players

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The Paladins community was not terribly happy with the changes made to the game’s microtransaction model for, let’s face it, entirely understandable reasons. Introducing Legendary cards, swapping things out for Essence, and then making Essence accumulate at such a slow rate as to be irrelevant? The good news is that the developers have heard the complaints and are rolling out fixes to make Essence easier to acquire from all sources.

Players will need 12,000 Essence rather than 18,000 to purchase Legendary cards, while duplicate Common cards will offer 250 Essence rather than 60. Players can also earn 1000 Essence per achievement, and Mastery bonuses achieved before the chest rewards were put into place will retroactively award a large amount of Essence rather than retroactive chests. That doesn’t necessarily mean that players will be totally all right with the changes made so far, but it’s a step in the direction of correcting course.


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I really don’t know why HiRez keeps trying to force this card stuff to work in an FPS. Only reason they changed Essence was probably because people like me who bought into the game early have hundreds of thousands of gold stacked up to where buying new cards each time a champ came out was irrelevant. So I’d never once think to waste real money on the Radiant Chests that give cards.

Like… everything was going well up until this patch once again tried to force people into buying the card chests.


I’ll give them credit for lowering the essence cost amid all the uproar. Since the open beta started, I’ve been really enjoying the developer/community relationship this game has, and I think Paladins has constantly been improving for it. Up until this patch, I’ve really had no complaints.

Essence is one of the only real additions to the game that I don’t care for, and would not miss if it went away. It was either a serious miscalculation on the devs’ part, or a desperation move to get rid of the mountains of gold people have been accumulating to no real end. I was personally sitting on over 200k before the patch.

Still enjoying the game a lot, but if they’ve shut the door on further tweaks to the essence system (or outright removing it) then they’ll have to tread carefully in the future.


Yeah I’m in a similar camp with over 200k gold, and most of my playtime comes from the first few months of the game being available for Founder’s Pack purchases.

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