The Doomfist has been stolen on Overwatch’s test server


There have been hints of it flying around for quite some time from Overwatch datamining, but now it’s happened. A Twitter update first posted that there had been an attack in Numbani, with several guard robots destroyed in the violence:

This is followed up by an update to the Numbani map on the game’s test server with the Doomfist missing from its protective case. And who’s that on the photo credit? Why, it’s Efi Oladele, the robotics genius who mentioned that she was heading to the airport with her family following a robotics grant. So we’ve got a missing Doomfist, a robot expert surrounded by a whole lot of demolished robots, and an unknown assailant. The question then becomes what happens next?

Of course, here’s the interesting point of reference – the impact crater in the attack seems to look a bit like someone punched a robot into a wall, doesn’t it? So there’s a few pieces that may be left to assemble.

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