DC Universe Online makes Weapon Combos more potent over time

Wait for it.
Weapon combos are the main source of damage for players who focus on weapons in DC Universe Online. This is not a complex or unusual concept. But for players who focus on powers or employ a hybrid style, weapon combos aren’t nearly as important. So as part of the stat rebalancing for the game, the developers had to find a way to make weapon combos useful for those focusing on them without making them overpowered. The solution is giving a scaling damage buff for combos over 2.5 seconds up to 4 seconds, thus meaning that long combos become far more useful for players relying upon them but short ones are still used for other functions.

The most recent stat revamp has also targeted the Light, Rage, and Nature powersets, all of which have had balance tweaks without any huge function overhauls. Despite this, the developers are aware that several powers will undergo functional shifts and need a new set of mods once the stat revamp goes live, and players are assured that a system is already being put in place to address this. What that system is remains unknown, but it will exist.


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More freedom to play your hero or villian how you want is always a good thing. DCUO is still the best superhero MMO on the market in my opinion. I’m kind of glad it’s Daybreak’s flagship at this point because I play it pretty regularly and it never seems like there is any lack of love from Daybreak there.


That’s good to hear. I always felt like the weapon combo count felt rather pointless after getting the achievements associated with them. Then again, I am always the healer so maybe that is why it felt that way.